BBZ Poker’s Community Awards – August 2022

The BBZ Poker Community Awards are designed to celebrate our students’ success stories and the best posts in our Discord.

We’ll be giving out three monthly awards: the Constant Crusher award, Like A Boss award, and the Best Mic Drop award.

Find out who won in August 2022 below.

Constant Crusher Award

The Constant Crusher Award is precisely what it sounds like: a big shout-out to the person who consistently puts up great results throughout the month.

August’s winner?


Mark it three out of eight.

Yep, Aleksis–known as ‘Dr.Durrrq’ on PokerStars, ‘SimplySensational’ on ACR, and ‘WhereIsMyBeer’ on GGPoker–has now won our Constant Crusher Award three times since it began in January 2022 and each time it’s well deserved.

This month it’s down to a string of nice wins, despite some timezone setbacks stifling his study.

1st – $88 NLHE (PokerKing) – $2,907
1st – $88 NLHE (PokerKing) – $1,980
1st – $105 Bounty Hunters Special (GGPoker) – $2,995
1st – $55 Bounty Builder (PokerStars) – $4,565

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Like A Boss Award

The Like A Boss Award goes to someone from the BBZ community who pulled off a particularly impressive feat across the month.

August’s winner?


All aspiring poker players dream of turning that $100 they have in their PokerStars account into a robust bankroll.

For BBZ community member dweezy, there was a clear goal in mind: $100 to $1,000.

And throughout August 2022, he’s absolutely smashed it.

Throughout the month, he consistently posted bankroll-boosting scores playing only small-stakes tournaments.

Take a bow, dweezy. That’s how you build a bankroll.

Stay tuned to BBZ Blog this week for an interview with dweezy where we’ll find out how he did it, and how you could do it too.

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Best Mic Drop Award

The Best Mic Drop Award goes to BBZ community member who dropped the sexiest result into the BBZ Brags Discord channel.

August’s winner?


It’s been a little while since we saw BBZ student Carlos ‘Cpal90’ Pal drop a brag in the Discord. Then again, it’s summertime and the beaches in Pal’s native Costa Rica are rather spectacular.

It now appears that Pal’s break is over and he’s back on the online grind, so it came as no surprise to see him return with a big win in the PokerStars Big $109. He outlasted a 547-player field to bank $4,180 plus $3,916 in bounties.

Like so many of us, Pal was once a recreational player who would play low stakes, take shots in bigger buy-ins, and eventually go bust. It was only when he won a satellite for RunItUp Reno and went on to win a PokerStars Platinum Pass that he started taking poker seriously.

“Right away I looked for coaching,” Pal said. “I was recommended the BBZ Daily Seminars and private coaching with Jordan (a.k.a. BBZ). I messaged him and we scheduled our first session in May 2020. Just one hour was good enough for me to realise the potential of my improvement if I continued to work with him.”

(Photo courtesy of RunItUp)

Pal is now a regular in the mid-to-high stakes tournament scene and has dozens of big scores under his belt.

“I feel like BBZ has helped me see the game for how it actually is,” Pal said. “He’s given me a real understanding of all the theory that goes behind every single aspect of the game. As someone who has followed Poker for 16 years, I’ve read many things and watched many others that show you the “right” way of playing poker, but the truth is a lot of it is wrong, and a lot of the work I did personally with Jordan was asking him to help me clear all that “noise” and actually comprehend the game.”

Learn more about Pal’s poker journey in our interview.

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  • 600+ hours of ELITE content
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