Why are these the most popular poker videos on YouTube?

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Have you ever wondered what the most popular poker videos of all time on YouTube are?

No? Oh well. We’re going to show you anyway.

For this list, we had just three rules:

  • All videos had to be in the English language
  • No videos could be aimed at children (yep, there were some cartoon poker clips)
  • No Lady Gaga ‘Poker Face’

Without further ado, here are the most popular poker videos on YouTube.

Casino Royale – Poker Scene 2
(25.7 million views)

It’s hardly surprising to discover that the most popular poker video on YouTube is straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Casino Royale (2006) was Daniel Craig’s maiden turn as the iconic James Bond and the film was a massive success. Poker players were initially thrilled about the idea of Bond battling at the felt…until they saw the film.

Look, we understand that the writers and director of Casino Royale had to water down the poker scenes to make it easy for laymen to understand (thankfully they have the grey-haired chap commentating the action on the rail). But the poker in Casino Royale is frankly ludicrous.

  • Are they tournament chips or is this a real-money, winner-take-all sit & go?
  • Why does the guy with a set of eights check the flop when there’s a flush draw out there?
  • Why does the villain who flops two pair check the flop when there’s a flush draw out there?
  • Why does the guy who turns the king-high flush check the turn?
  • Why does he then shove on the river after the board pairs?
  • Why does every player slowroll the player on their left?
  • Why does the dealer not count anyone’s stacks when they shove?
  • Why does Bond splash the pot?
  • Why does the dealer do the showdown in such a bizarre way?

So many questions. These poker scenes have now become iconic, for all the wrong reasons.

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Casino Royale – Poker Scene 1
(18 million views)

Another poker scene from Casino Royale is the second most-viewed; again, hardly surprising.

We’ll spare you our criticisms this time around and move on down the list.

$2,151,072 at Legends of Poker FINAL TABLE
(12.5 million views)

The first non-Bond video on our list is…well, a bit random.

It’s the final table of the $5K World Poker Tour Legends of Poker event from 2010, which Andy Frankenberger took down. So why is this video so popular? After all, there are no big poker names on the final table (the other five players are Kyle Wilson, Tom Lee, Thomas Braband, Jared Jaffee, and Franco Brunetti).

Well, the title of the video is certainly enticing. It suggests someone won more than two million in the event, when in fact $2,151,072 was the total tournament prize pool. Frankenberger actually won $750,000.

But while the play might not be up to today’s standards, there’s certainly some exciting action that appeals to viewers new to the game. The comments section is full of posts like the one below:

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$650 POT w/ POCKET ACES!!! #Shorts
(10 million views)

This short video from Next Gen Poker is a vlog-style clip for just a $650 pot, yet it has 10 million views and 578,000 likes on YouTube. That’s incredible.

If you’re not familiar with Next Gen Poker, we featured them in our Poker YouTube Rich List article. The channel documents the journey of three young guys from Dallas, Texas: Rosey, Frankie and Jack.

Why is this clip so popular? Well, these guys have completely sussed the YouTube Shorts space and know exactly how to reel people in on other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. If they can keep up this momentum and continue getting millions of eyes on poker hands, more power to them.

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Poker Face by Studio C
(9.7 million views)

Next up we’ve got a comedy sketch from Studio C, highlighting the kind of thoughts that go through poker players’ heads during big moments.

There are definitely some funny lines (“What does call even mean?”) but just like Casino Royale, the actual poker is rough (people seem to act in whatever order they choose). Then again, this is just for fun whereas Casino Royale is supposed to be realistic, so we’ll let it go.

(8.1 million views)

Now, this is the kind of thing we expected to see. Fury TV has put together a compilation video of some big hands from the Aussie Millions Big Game, the PartyPoker European Open and the World Series of Poker, featuring the likes of Tom Dwan, Igor Kurganov and Sam Trickett.

Are they really the most amazing poker hands ever? Not even close. But it’s still a fun watch for experienced players and newcomers alike. Plus, fan favorite Dwan is on the thumbnail.

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Sensational FINAL TABLE World Poker Tour
(8.1 million views)

Another WPT video finds its way into the top 10, although this isn’t an official WPT upload.

This time we’re watching the final table of the $15K buy-in Five Diamond World Poker Classic from 2009, featuring Josh Arieh, Faraz Jaka, Shawn Buchanan, Scotty Nguyen, and eventual winner Daniel Alaei, who took home $1.4 million for the victory.

Again, if the comments are anything to go by, this video is predominantly watched by non-poker players.

There are some fun hands, but we can’t really explain why this particular FT proves so popular.

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BONUS: 10 new hours of ChipEV content added!  Bungakat goes in-depth on a major population leak: playing vs. bets.

Can 4 Guys Beat A Poker Champion? 4 Vs. 1
(7.6 million views)

“Can four normal ding dongs beat one poker pro?”

That’s the intro line to this video and it tells us all we need to know. YouTubers the Try Guys play as a four-man team and take on poker professional Maria Ho in this fun video, which has racked up millions of views in just a couple of years.

Why is it so popular? Because the Try Guys channel is very popular, that’s why. They’ve got 7.72 million YouTube subscribers and their loyal fans will watch anything they post.

Who won the match? Watch the video and find out.

That’s a wrap on the Top 8 of the most popular poker videos on YouTube. But we’ve got two more.

Rounding out the top 10 we have two more videos from Fury TV. The first features the legendary hand between Toby Lewis and Andrew Robl, while the second showcases the biggest fights in poker (featuring Phil Hellmuth and Adam Levy).

Top 5 Poker FOUR OF A KIND Hands EVER!
(7.2 million views)

(7 million views)

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