Inside the Apestyles Bootcamp: Every element of No Limit Hold’em tournaments analyzed

There’s no better way to improve at something you’re passionate about than by having access to people who’ve spent years–even decades–dedicated to that same passion.

If your passion is poker tournaments, that’s precisely what the Apestyles Bootcamp gives you.

In March 2022, poker crushers Jordan ‘bigbluffzinc’ Drummond and Jonathan ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet created a unique learning experience spread across four days of virtual poker seminars. They gathered some of the smartest poker minds, legends of the game and popular poker personalities together for a training experience like no other.

The result is more than 35 hours of unrivalled poker coaching material–which you can now own and absorb in your own time–featuring:

  • Jonathan ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet
  • Jordan ‘bigbluffzinc’ Drummond
  • Jon ‘luckyfish89’ Clark
  • Jargo ‘bungakat’ Alaväli
  • Francois Hamel (Mental Performance Coach)
  • Antonio Esfandiari
  • Ben ‘Spraggy’ Spragg
  • Fintan ‘easywithaces’ Hand
  • Parker ‘Tonkaaaa’ Talbot
  • Dominik Nitsche
  • Jeff Gross
  • Rodrigo ‘rodrigo4073’ Maseda Erlin

Our panel of coaches and guest speakers methodically analyze every street of No Limit Holdem Tournaments: preflop, flop, turn, and river.

They cover critical components of executing high-level strategies including how to study, which tools to use and which to avoid, and the mental game.

Using all of the latest tools and opinions, you’ll find multiple perspectives and plenty of pushback about different ideas for how to reach conclusions in poker. With multiple coaches on almost every video, it means they’re full of engaging conversations rather than one person talking.

Plus, if you’ve ever had any questions on how to play and improve at poker, there’s a very good chance those questions were answered through the interactive audience Q&As.

So if you’re looking for a place to learn poker tournaments, look no further.


The four-day bootcamp gave our coaches an entire day to dedicate to each street of No Limit Hold’em.

Guest speaker: the legendary Antonio Esfandiari

Day 1 – Preflop

  • Apestyles and BBZ Q&A (48 mins)
  • BBZ: How to study (54 mins)
  • Luckyfish: Chip EV Pre-flop Strategies (54 mins)
  • Jargo: Pre-flop PKO Charts (58 mins)
  • Luckyfish: Pre-flop 3Bet Pots BB vs BUT (68 mins)
  • Apestyles: Preflop ICM in All Stages of the Tourney (82 mins)
  • Frank: 4 Dimensions of Performance (57 mins)
  • Community Event (51 mins)
  • Guest Event: Antonio Esfandiari Q&A (45 mins)
  • Guest Event: Fintan Plays DTO (59 mins)
  • Guest Event: DTO Dom (35 mins)

Day 2 – Flop

Day 3 – Turn

  • Apestyles & BBZ: Announcements + BTN vs SB SRP (55 mins)
  • BBZ & Apestyles: Betting and Calling HH Reviews (35 mins)
  • Apestyles: Turn Bet Sizing (103 mins)
  • BBZ: Turn Strategy w/ GTO Wizard (53 mins)
  • Jargo: Overbetting (66 mins)
  • Frank: Understanding Emotions (58 mins)
  • Guest Event: Fintan Plays DTO Pt 2 (59 mins)

Day 4 – River

  • Apestyles & BBZ: Announcements + Q&A (20 mins)
  • BBZ: Toy Game Lecture and Sim Study (132 mins)
  • Apestyles: Bluffing, River ICM Considerations (72 mins)
  • Jargo: Defending vs River Bets (66 mins)
  • Rodrigo: Effective Use of GTO Wizard and Study Tips (41 mins)
  • Frank: Mental Skills Training (58 mins)
  • Guest Event: Tonkaaaap & Spraggy (181 mins)

As you can see, the Apestyles Bootcamp is your one-stop-shop for poker tournament training material.

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