BBZ Poker’s Community Awards – June 2022

The BBZ Poker Community Awards are designed to celebrate our students’ success stories and the best posts in our Discord.

We’ll be giving out three awards every month: the Constant Crusher award, Like A Boss award, and the Best Mic Drop award.

Find out who won in June 2022 below.

Constant Crusher Award

The Constant Crusher Award is exactly what it sounds like: a big shout-out to the person who consistently put up great results throughout the month.

June’s winner?


At the beginning of the month, they should have changed the name of the Big $109 on PokerStars to the ‘Flaherty6 Invitational’.

This BBZ community member dominated that particular event, winning it twice and finishing second within just a four-day stretch.

That’s worth shouting about.

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Like A Boss Award

The Like A Boss Award goes to someone from the BBZ community who pulled off a particularly impressive feat across the month.

May’s winner?


Making three final tables in one session is also something that deserves to be celebrated. As another BBZ member pointed out, they’d be happy with just one FT!

The stand-out result of the day was s7Fn’s fourth-place finish in the $25 Sunday Mini Main on GGPoker for $5,433.


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Best Mic Drop Award

The Best Mic Drop Award goes to BBZ community member who dropped the sexiest result into the BBZ Brags Discord channel.

June’s winner?


We absolutely loved the passion behind KneeCapBuffet’s first-ever BBZ Discord post:

It might not have been the most significant score we saw throughout June, but that’s a mighty fine way of introducing yourself.

But we’ve also got to give a big shout-out to last month’s winner, “eike_akio”.

In mid-May, BBZ student Eike “Mr. Havener” Onodera took down another SCOOP title and dropped it in our Discord. He added to that on June 1st by finishing runner-up in the massive $109 SCOOP Main Event for a $184K score.

We spoke to Onodera earlier this month to find out how he went from playing a $2 average buy-in as part of the BBZ Academy to racking up titles and six-figure scores.

Check out our interview here: BBZ student Eike “Mr. Havener” Onodera on his huge SCOOP success and incredible career so far



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