BBZ Awards 2021: Best bluff, best Twitch moments, Consistency award & more!

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This year has been incredible for BBZ Poker and our community. Throughout 2021, we’ve been joined by some of the best coaches and Twitch streamers in the world, plus the hardest working community of students and poker enthusiasts anywhere (OK, so we’re biased, but it’s true!)

We released eight awesome coaching bundles, launched the BBZ Blog (which published 114 articles throughout the year), and made elite coaching accessible to everyone by dropping the price of our Daily Seminars to just $150 per month (that breaks down to just ~$3 per session).

As the end of the year edges closer, we thought we’d hand out some awards for the greatest achievements and most fun aspects from the BBZ community.

The categories for the BBZ Awards 2021 are as follows:

Best bluff
Memes of the year
Best Twitch moment
Funniest Twitch moment
Best live cash
Best online cash
Brag of the year
Consistency award

Without further ado, here are the winners.


We’ve seen some incredible bluffs posted in both the Hand Reviews section of our Discord, as well as from our streamers on Twitch.

But none got the poker world talking quite as much as BBZ coach Jonathan “apestyles” Van Fleet did when he pulled off a huge bluff en route to the EPT Online final table.

Watch the clip below to see it in all its glory. Could you bring yourself to make that move in such a big spot?

Congratulations apestyles!

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Jon “Apestyles” Van Fleet Webinar Bundle


Apestyles “Back To Basics” Webinar Bundle is a collection of classroom-style presentations touching on the basic fundamentals of winning MTT strategies.  Packed with over 10 hours of content, the Apestyles Bundle is overflowing with timeless value. (~11 hours).


Great memes are like Pringles. You can never just have one.

Here are our three favorite memes of the year:


The BBZ Stream Team roster produced some incredible content in 2021, with Lex Veldhuis, apestyles, Spraggy, Tonkaaaa, bungakat, bigbluffzinc, RobinPoker and more putting up great results and consistently awesome streams.

But for our moment of the year, we have to give it to Fintan “easywithaces” Hand. The BBZ student went on a tear throughout a $5K SCOOP PKO event, winning $25K in bounties in just a few hours live on stream.

He went on to win it all for $232K…or did he? Unfortunately for Fintan, a power cut in Malta (where he lived) meant his stream cut out right before the final hand! Thankfully the winning moment was caught on the PokerStars Twitch channel.

You can watch highlights from Fintan’s run on his YouTube channel.

Then check out the final table here!

$2100 PKO SCOOP Review w/ Fintan Hand


Take a deep dive into high stakes ICM strategy! Fintan “easywithaces” Hand is joined by Jordan “bigbluffzinc” Drummond as they review Fintan’s 4th place finish in the $2,100 PKO SCOOP event.


Spraggy is a cool, calm and collected customer. Until he isn’t.

After the incredible year Spraggy has had, we’re sure buying new computer equipment wasn’t much of an issue.


California’s Salim Admon had been studying with BBZ Poker and coach Jargo “bungakat” Alaväli for a while when he decided to play the $10K Wynn Millions in June 2021.

All that hard work culminated in a massive $619K score for his fourth-place finish.

Read our interview with Admon here where he tells us about the work he’s put into his game, what led him to BBZ and Jargo, and how the pandemic changed his life.

We’d also love to give a big shout-out to BBZ student Lara Eisenberg who took down her first WSOP bracelet this year! Eisenberg won the $1K Ladies Event for $115K and told us all about it.

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Bungakat Bundle


The Bungakat Bundle is a one of a kind collection of final table reviews with Jargo “Bungakat”Alaväli, co-creator of the ICM Pre-Flop MasterClass. Featuring the likes of Parker “tonkaaaap” Talbot, Jon “luckyfish89” Clark, and more, this series will give you a front row seat to how some of BBZ brightest stars are playing, studying, and analyzing their biggest final table runs.

BONUS: 10 new hours of ChipEV content added!  Bungakat goes in-depth on a major population leak: playing vs. bets.


There are so many to choose from. This wasn’t easy.

But we’re going to give this award to BBZ student Taylor “TG w/the Chips” Grassmick who battled through variance after a tough start of the year to take down the biggest weekly online tournament in the USA for $135K.

Congrats Taylor! You can read all about his win, and the journey up to it, here.


Sometimes the simple brags are the best. Congrats Lex!

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Lex Bundle


Join Twitch Poker king, Pokerstars Pro, and future hall of famer, Lex Veldhuis, as he teams up with the coaches from BBZPoker to bring you a poker training experience unlike any other.

Exclusive 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Jordan “bigbluffzinc” Drummond, Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet, Jargo “bungakat” Alavali & Jon “luckyfish89” Clark will bring you front and center to the most thorough examination of Lex’s game the world has ever seen.  Authentic commentary from Lex and the coaches will reveal everything.  The Lex Bundle is an open book about his own strengths and weaknesses – bringing you a fun, digestible, and practical opportunity to work on your own game alongside Lex as he ascends to the heights of the poker world.


So many of you are crushing consistently and putting up big results that it’s very hard to single out anyone.

But as we have to, we simply must give major props to BBZ student Carlos “CPal90” Pal. A long-time BBZ community member, Pal has consistently crushed big tournaments throughout 2021 and puts up results that would make a pro blush (yep, the last time we checked he still works his day job, too).

You can check out our interview with Pal here.

Congrats Carlos!

Honorable mentions go to community members Aleksis, drk, Schwibbs, and everyone who regularly posts their wins in the BBZ Brags Discord.

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Daily Seminars

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  • 12 Live Seminars Every Week!
  • All Charts Included!
  • 600+ hours of ELITE content
  • MTT, Cash & Mental Game Seminars
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